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Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Burwood

For all bathroom and kitchen renovations that tick all the right boxes look no further than the team at VIC Bathrooms. Working closely with our highly-valued clients living across Melbourne we can restore, transform and update homes and living spaces of all sizes and layouts to better suit their tastes and requirements. Our bespoke and accurate bathroom and kitchen renovations have helped countless homeowners improve the appearance and value of their homes.

Bathroom Renovation Burwood

Are you wanting to expand the layout, shape and appearance of your bathroom? Turn your current, outdated, bathroom into a space that better meets the needs of your or your family. Covering everything from replacing fixtures, through to installing and connecting bathtubs and vanities, our comprehensive bathroom renovations can breathe new life into Burwood, Box Hill, Blackburn and nearby homes. To begin your renovation journey with our team call us on 03 8840 7466.